8.Sınıf 2.Ünite (Teen Life) Konu Testi-3

8. Sınıf 2. Ünite (Teen Life) Konu Testi – 3
TEOG İngilizce sınavına uygun sorulardır.

1. Hakan: Do you want to go to cinema tonight?
Nancy: ________. What about this Saturday night?
Hakan: It sounds good to me.
2. Alice: What do you think about trying zorbing?
Boris: I don’t know even what it is.
Alice: Well, imagine that you are in a big transparent plastic ball and you are rolling.
Boris: Keep it away from me. That is ________. Everybody will laugh at us.
3. Melisa: ______________________________
Selin: I'm going to visit my aunt.
4. Peter: We are going to watch a horror movie tonight. Do you want to join us?
Tuğçe: No, thanks. _________.
5. Matt: I'm going to have a party at Cafe Brown on Friday. Would you like to join us? Jane: I'd love to, but ________. I'm going to help my dad on Friday.
6. Mark: We are going to have picnic on Saturday. Would you like to join us?
Sandra: _______
Mark: So, we'll take you at three in the afternoon.
7. Thomas: Let's drink something at a cafe.
Richard: _________. Let's go to the library and study together.
8. Brian: Do you like thrillers or comedies?
Angelina: _________, but thrillers are my favourite.
9. Fred: Would you like to watch a sci-fi action movie before we go out?
James: _________ Which sci-fi movies do you have?
Fred: Star Trek, Mad Max, and After Earth.
James: I'm sorry, but I've already watched them.

10. Bob: We're going out. Would you like to join us?
Ted: Sorry, I can't. _______.

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Sorular 2015-2016 eğitim öğretim yılı 8. sınıf İngilizce dersi müfredatı ve TEOG ile uyumludur. 8. sınıf 2. ünite kazanımlarına uygun olarak hazırlanmış bir testtir. İlyas Hoca tarafından hazırlanan sorular özgün olup, izinsiz yayımlanması yasaktır. 
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