Past Continuous Tense Örnek Cümleler

Bu yazımızda İngilizce şimdiki zamanın hikayesi (Past Continuous Tense) konusu ile ilgili örnek cümlelere yer verilmektedir. Aşağıda Past Continuous Tense’in olumlu, olumsuz ve soru halleriyle ilgili örnek cümleler bulunmaktadır.

Past Continuous Tense (Olumlu hali)
Bu tense’in olumlu haliyle ilgili örnek cümleler aşağıda yer almaktadır. 

I was sleeping when you called yesterday.
Selma was having a party at this time last week.
Hasan was walking along the Main Street at 4 pm yesterday afternoon.
Duru was washing the dishes while her sister was drying them.
They were driving to Ankara while you were sleeping in your bed.
I was playing computer games in my room.
My father was reading newspaper in the living room.
We were talking on the phone.
The boys were going home.

Past Continuous Tense (Olumsuz hali)
Bu tense’in olumsuz hali ile ilgili örnek cümleler: 

I wasn’t listening to you while you were speaking.
Murat wasn’t having fun while everybody was enjoying the party.
Zeynep and Kadriye weren’t studying while the others were studying hard.
Hulisi and Salih weren’t playing well when I saw them.
Duygu wasn’t doing anything while her friends were doing their best.
She wasn’t listening to the teacher.

Past Continuous Tense (Soru hali)
Bu tense’in soru hali ile ilgili örnek cümleler: 

What were you doing at this time yesterday?
Where were you going when I saw you last night?
Why were you always refusing my calls yesterday ?
Were you sleeping when I call you last night?
Was she hanging out with you when her mother called?
Where were you staying last night?

Past continuous tense konu anlatımını gözden geçirdiniz mi?

Past Continuous Tense Konu Anlatımı

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