5. Sınıf 9. Test

Bu test, 5. sınıf 8. ünite konularını içerir.

1. Aşağıda verilen okuma parçasına göre hangi seçenek DOĞRU?

Hello, my name is Hakan. I'm good at playing soccer and basketball, but I'm bad at ice skating and gymnastics. I enjoy playing soccer and basketball.

2. Aşağıdaki diyalogda boş bırakılan yere hangi seçenek getirilmelidir?

Alex: I like cycling in the park.
Tom: Sorry, Alex. _ _ _ _ _ ?
Alex: Sure. I love cycling in the park.

3. Aşağıda verilen diyaloga göre hangi seçenek DOĞRU?

Selin: Look at that poster! There are lots of activities at London Leisure Centre.
Kate: Yeah. Can you do skateboarding, Selin?
Selin: Yes. And I love it. What about you, Kate?
Kate: Well, I don’t like skateboarding. My favourite fitness activity is jogging.

4. Aşağıdaki diyalogda boş bırakılan yere hangi seçenek getirilmelidir?

Susan: Hello, Henry! Shall we go wall climbing?
Henry: _ _ _ _ _ , I can’t climb walls.
Susan: Hmmm … What about ice skating?
Henry: OK. I love it. Let’s go ice skating.

5. Aşağıdaki metne göre verilen sorunun cevabı nedir?

Hi, I’m Ali. I love table tennis. We play this game with two
people. For this game, we need two rackets and a small ball. We must hit the ball with the rackets.

What equipment do you need?

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