When & While Konu Testi

Bu sayfada when & while’ın past simple ve past continuous tense ile kullanımına yönelik konu testi yer almaktadır.

1) What were you doing _____ I called you? 


2) I was reading a magazine _____ she was watching her favourite sitcom. 


3) I _____ Pablo Picasso while I was studying art at school in Madrid. 


4) When he ____ her, Christy ____to discuss anything.


5) Washington police say they told the man to drop his weapon several times and when he refused, an officer _____ him.


6) When I was late, the teacher______ me.


7) While my mother was washing the dishes, my father ______ newspaper. In the meantime, I was doing homework.


8) I ____ my leg while I was playing football.


9) We _____ on the bank when the attacker mugged us.


10) My brother was watching TV while I ____ meal. 


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